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Motion and 3D Animations

Adobe® Flash® software is the industry-leading authoring environment for producing expressive interactive content.  Perhaps you need to present a larger, bolder image that includes interactive and rich media graphics. White Buck Media will help you achieve new heights by leveraging Flash to develop a fully immersible experience by creating dynamic content and interactive web experiences.  We can even leverage flash accross multiple platforms for a consistent image accros web sites, smart phones, tablets, and even television.

Whether its a full blown web site or a fancy flash animation, White Buck Media combines 3-D animations, flashy text, audio, video, and just plain cool media effects to achieve a flashy touch for your web site.  In most cases you don’t need full flash, and a simple flashy animation can add the right sparkle and attention grabber to any web site.  We specialize in knowing what is the right amount and when it adds and detracts from your web appearance.  We offer the latest solutions.

AJAX is a New Technology for Interactivity – Flash is great, but it’s not the only technology for Web Animations.  Newly developing AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) and HTML5 Web technologies are bringing in new ways to create animations and interactivity.  There are many frameworks, but jQuery is our favoarite and it is driving alternatives to flash to deliver things like animations, slide-shows, interactivity, and just plain cool graphic animations.  Utilizing several tools and plug-ins, we can optimize and deliver the same, if not better interactive experiences accross more platforms than with Flash.  Flash isn’t going anywhere, but the right combination of Flash, jQuery, and HTML5 can optimize the performance of your site, and provide the cool attention grabbing features that take it a step above the norm.  We specialize in integrating interactive components with your web site for the best user experience.

The landscape is changing – Websites are being viewed on mobile phones and tablets, applications are starting to dominate the landscape and new platforms are being developed to support better animation.  Apple chose not to support Flash on the iPhone or iPad – this has created a rush to new technologies such as HTML5, HTML5 animation programs ,CSS3, and AJAX as alternatives.  We believe there is room for multiple options, and we make it our business to be familiar with the many popular options.

Count on White Buck Media to offer the latest Interactive and Technological possible options for your Animation needs.  Ask us how we can help you.

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