Hosting And Security

Hosting And Security


Hosting – Standard or Premium Solutions, White Buck Hosting provides customers with a cost-effective solution for establishing and maintaining a virtual presence on the World Wide Web. We provide everything you need to get your business on the Internet. From establishing your online presence on the Internet to hosting, storing, promoting, and maintaining an industrial strength eBusiness site, White Buck Hosting offers a comprehensive suite of services. Whether you’re new to the web, or an old hand at using servers, you’ll find that White Buck Hosting makes everything as simple as it gets.

If that is not enough, we provide a 24/7 server support staff that monitors and maintains our servers to have better than average uptime. White Buck Hosting also provides our clients direct e-mail and phone support, and quite frequently, our customers deal with a personal representative or single point of contact vs. whomever might be available when your concern arises at most other providers..

It’s this personal touch that sets our service apart. We can help you with any aspect of your Hosting needs including; Domain Name Registration and Maintenance, Website and E-mail Hosting, Data Storage and Back-Up, Application Updates and Installation, SSL Certificates, Migration to our Service, and just about anything IT… Our servers feather the latest software, cPanel, PHPMyAdmin, MySQL Databases, Fantastico, One-Click Open Source Script Installs, and much more. Most Importantly, White Buck Hosting is a Green Web Hosting provider. See more info on our Who We Are page.

Security – Computer software used to be static, and updates were few and far between. Now frequent updates are routine and critical. Ignoring the latest updates can have serious consequences. Spear phishing, an email appearing to be from a trusted source that collects information that leads to identity them is a common problem. We constantly monitor, tract visitors, and apply the latest updates to keep our sites as safe as possible. We also design and test our applications to prevent stuff like this from happening.

White Buck Hosting also offers Back-up and Restoration Services, Virus and Hacking Removal, SSL certificates to Encrypt sensitive data such as medical and credit card information. We have several options depending on our client’s needs. But perhaps the most effection solution is our approach of sharing our education and experience to help keep our clients safe. We have the knowledge and resources to get and keep you up and running. White Buck Media is here for you whatever your security needs may be.

Crash and Burn Recovery – Let’s face it, sometimes there are emergencies. Sometimes sites get hacked into or servers crash, hard drives fail, or acts of gods even cause unexpected damage. White Buck Media has answers to protect against all these concerns. We house servers in multiple locations, take regular back-ups, monitor activity, and use redundant resources to provide the greatest protection for our Hosting Services and our clients. We also offer back-up services and service audits to identify areas that need better protection. We have the resources required to provide our clients the most comprehesive list of Hosting and Security options. Contact Us to learn more.

Our Hosting Policies – Our hosting policies can be found at Hosting Policies.

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