Internet Databases and Data Storage

Internet Databases and Data Storage


At the core of every internet application is a Database.  It’s not the only means to manage website and client data we have seen, but it is becoming the most popular and our standard practice.  White Buck Media specializes in Database design and management.  Although SQL is an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard, there are many different versions of the SQL language.  We are adept at most SQL languages and databases including those used by MySQL, PostSql, PostGreSQL, SQL Lite and SQL Server.

White Buck Media can provide custom applications and solutions that utilize the most popular databases to store and retrieve your data.  We integrate Databases into our Content Management Solutions and E-Commercer offerings to manage users, data, products, and much more.  We work with these data types and databases every day to provide the most comprehensive internet applications.

What can an application with a database do for me? – Almost every website with user management, blogging, file management, products, services, sales, etc.. uses some sort of a database to collect and store your login information.  Shopping Carts use them to collect information, display product details, and record transactions for each sale. Some of the most famous data management used today is information shown on Facebook.  Other uses include visitor tracking, affiliate tracking, coupoon systems, and any other large scale system designed to present data.  It can get complicated, but White Buck Media thrives at the challenge of find solutions to unique data management problems.

Support – We manage several databases for our customers.  Core to our success and yours is our unconditional support and commitment to solving your problems; you’ll have to try it to see what we mean.   We’re commited to your success and satisfaction, and pledge to help with and resolve your concerns before our own.   Every site we service is guaranteed, and we stand behind our work.

White Buck Media can help you set up shopping carts, add custom features, set up rewards programs, coupon programs, affiliate programs, sales strategies, visitor tracking, and anything E-Commerce.  Contact us today to see how we can help your online business take off.

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