Mobile Application and Web Development


If you look at only Mobile Devices, you can’t help but notice an increasingly valueable market.  If we focus on a specific platform, Apple, we will notice that they introduced the iPod over 10 years ago, and have since sold over 300 million units.   Over 10%, 45 Million have been sold since June of 2010.   They also introduced iTunes and the App Store which has over 20 Million Songs for sale and over 16 Billion downloaded.   Wow, that is an impact!

With 125% year over year growth for the iPhone along, Apple is continually breaking records.   By the time you read this, it will have been old information.   Every business, hospital, school system is, or has considered testing iPad and iPhone for use to improve their businesses.   This equates to a 1.5 Billion unit market.   Can you afford to be left out? The projections suggest that the internet will be viewed on more mobile devices by 2014 than desktop computers.   Now if you look at Apps in the App Store, there was 500,000 in 2011, and over 18 Billion Downloaded in the 3 year prior.

What to do? – To White Buck Media, the answer is clear!  Run to participate in the mobile revolution.   We can help you do that.   iOS and Android make up 43% and 33% of the market share, and iOS and Android Browsers 61% and 31% of the Mobile Browsers.   You should focus your attention there and develop for i)S and Android.   Our team will help you put together a plan and develop your mobile website or application.   Together, we believe this is the most important location to pinpoint your focus.

What we can do? – Core to mobile application success is a robust application that is compelling, easy to use, intuitive, and just cool.   We start with a detailed plan, understanding the applications functions, creating prototypes, and tuning the applicaiton for release.   Once completed, we can help you package it for sale, submit it to the app stores (Apple or Android) and support you along the way.   Not to be forgotten, you will want a website to market your application, and other various services to promote your app.   We are here to help you succeed.

Last but not least, you may consider making your website mobile.  Not only is this important, but it opens up a new level of marketing to the people who want to view it here and now.   What is exciting about this is that White Buck Media has a strategy around making this work for you.   We integrate all our services to take advantage of this trend and take your business to a new level.   Contact us today to learn more.

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