Websites for Heroes

Websites for Heroes


It is extremely difficult to live in the United States of America, and not feel compelled to help others in the world out.  Did you know that if you own a car – it doesn’t even matter what kind – that you are considered to be among the top 5% wealthiest people on the planet?

White Buck Media recognizes that there are tremendous needs for website design for people who cannot afford it.  This is why we we support the Websites for Heroes program.

What is the Websites for Heroes Program?

The Websites for Heroes program was developed by Tanner Jones to create fully interactive and custom websites for free for folks who have invested their lives in helping the hurting and needy in the world.  We proudy join the effort! If you are involved with an orphanage, or are a missionary, or something similar helping people, you may email us at to see if you are eligible.

Karen Sremac

Karen really enjoys the challenge of finding new ways to teach an understanding of the clarinet and the expression of music.   Compelled by her story and thru the request of her friends, White Buck Media assembled a team of developers thru our Websites for Heroes program to design, program, and host a website to help Karen after the unexpected passing of her husband.  Along with her website, we designed and printed some advertising media to help market her passion.  This service helped Karen save her home and share her love of music with the world.   Today Karen is back to sharing her talent and “God Given Gift” with the world.  “We wish Karen many years of Continued Success!”

Want to Help?

If you are good in website development, and are interested in helping out with the Website for Heroes program, please send your resume to  Aside from helping others in need, you will gain valuable job experience from a Website Design Firm. If you don’t have web design skills, but want to help anyway, still contact us at with a brief description of how you wish to help.


Know someone we can help?