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Who We Are

Our Vision

We realize that the Internet is the window to the world and the doorway to a universe of opportunities—particularly for those who do business online.  With this in mind we make it our business to open those windows and doors for you.  White Buck Media will educate you on how best to utilize available technology while assisting you in putting that technology to work for your business.

If your business is on the “net”, we believe it is our business to make it succeed.  We are committed to providing proven results for your small business.  “An idealist is someone who helps other people be prosperous” Once quoted, by Henry Ford, we live, breath, and excel by these very words.

Our Mission

We at White Buck Media believe in providing the highest standard of quality when it comes to web design, software solutions, and web hosting.  We are able to deliver because we use the latest and most innovative techniques, combined with exceptional personal service and expertise in our technical arena, to create products designed to meet your unique business and technology needs.

Whether you are a large or small business, charitable organization, or a “would be” Internet entrepreneur, White Buck Media can help you increase your online presence and grow your business.  See for yourself the incredible value we offer and Contact Us today with any questions you may have.

Our Values

You can tell a lot about a company by what they demonstrate is important to them.  That is why we take the time to get to know you and your business.  We also want you to know us from the way we treat you.  It’s more than peppy slogans and flashy brochures that sets a web service company apart from its competition.  It’s who they are as people.  That is why the values below are important to us.


First and foremost, we value Integrity.  In a world of fast paced business dealings, Integrity often gets left in the dust.  We will not stand for that.  We do stand behind our guarantee.  No ifs, ands or buts! That is why we take the time to listen and understand our clients.  That leads to our next two values.


The key to getting the job done right, is knowing what the job is in the first place.  And that means, listening to what the client says; and sometimes to what they don’t say.  It also means, keeping preconceived ideas about what they want or need out of the picture.  We have developed techniques for getting at the heart of what our client wants and needs.

Understanding / Patience

Things don’t always go as planned, nor do they always turn out the way we or the client thought they would.  This is when understanding and patience is critical.  We work hard to first listen, then to understand and patiently listen some more while our client explains how we screwed up! We know things don’t always turn out perfectly the first time, so we work hard to listen and address our client’s concerns.

Customer Service

We value customer service, and we always make time to answer our customer’s questions and exceed our customer’s expectations.  Available by phone, e-mail and multiple chat clients, we are always there and never too busy to serve you.  Small Businesses who want to make every dollar count trust White Buck Media to build highly relevant web sites that target specific markets, generate leads, and deliver truly unique experiences.

Our goal is not to simply build your site today, it is to build your site for life.  Harnessing technology and custom solutions, we guarantee complete satisfaction.  From simple contact forms to complex web designs, we do it all.  Every action we take revolves around our values and your satisfaction.  Request A Quote Today and let us show you how important you are to us!

About Us

With over 40 years of cumulative experience in website development and product engineering, your White Buck Media and White Buck Hosting team is ready to put our services to work for you.  We are a customer oriented company which offers custom website and web application development services to our clients.

We develop business partnerships with select customers to whom we are completely committed to building satisfaction and lasting business relationships.  White Buck Media and White Buck Hosting not only specializes in custom web site design and hosting services, we harness the power of the internet to help improve your business and provide consulting on a multitude of IT related solutions.

The Difference

Our Skills and Experience! Building a web site is easy, anyone can do it; or at least that is what many business owners think.  And to some extent, they are right.  If you want some canned site that looks like thousands of others, you can use any of a few hundred templates available at any number of hosting sites.  Unfortunately, those templates all look pretty much the same.  Then you need to be web-tech savvy to create the programming that goes behind the site.  And that is where most people give up. When you want a site that projects “Who You Are” and “What Your Business is All About”, you need a unique, customized site.  When you have challenging business needs that range from a database driven product portfolio and online ordering system up to the collection of sensitive business information, you need a strong and experienced development team on your side.

We are the people to make that happen!  You have to have a simple interface, that is easy to use, and the customer can quickly navigate.  A professional appearance will give you credibility that will help you increase sales, decrease costs, and improve your customer service.  You want a leader that will give you strait solutions and incredible value to move your web marketing forward.

White Buck Media specializes in customized Web Sites tailored to your business.  We have a complete set of web and application development skills.  See a summary listing of our technology skills by following the link to OUR CAPABILITIES.  Follow the SERVICES link at the top of the page for a more comprehensive description of what we offer.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with the quality of our work or we will refund your money*. It's that simple. This guarantee makes us serious about getting your project done right. We use our Five Phase Development Process to ensure we capture the intent of your project. Our approach when designing a website layout is to make sure the design will be relevant to your prospects and industry. Colors, sizes, photographs, button naming, and ease of navigation all need to be considered for careful and proper design.

Our Guarantee

This also means the website should work well in the major web browsers, as well as be easily viewed by all screen resolutions still commonly in use today. *We take great pride in offering you a satisfaction guarantee on your design. If you do not like the design, we will continue to design until you are completely satisfied. Once launched, we guarantee our site for functionality for as long as your site is active (With all functions specified in original project documents). We will also make changes in any design area, free of charge, for 90 days after launch should some feature or design element not meet with your vision or intent.

Green Web Development and Hosting

White Buck Media is more than a company that uses less energy and the latest technology to minimize our impact to the environment.  For us, it is what we consider to be a way of doing business day to day.  We don’t take this responsibility lightly, and we use service providers and companies that have the same philosophy.

For each account, our partners donate trees and partner with environmental programs to reduce the overall impact of our servers on the environment.  We also have designed our services and workforce around a remote office environment to reduce the impact and waste that comes with having a seperate location.  We also use email, electronic documents, electronic quoting, and paperless billing to save trees where possible.

As our name implies, we are White Buck Media and Hosting, premium website and media design and developers offering environmental friendly services to our clients.