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Custom Web Site and Application Programming

Building a web site is easy, anyone can do it; or at least that is what many business owners think.  And to some extent, they are right.  If you want some canned site that looks like thousands of others, you can use any of a few hundred templates available at any number of hosting sites.  But even after taking on this oversimplified approach to creatiing your business image, you still have to be web-tech savvy to modify, tune, and simply make it work for your needs.

At White Buck Media, we find that taking this approach is almost as much work and sometimes more than developing a custom solution from scratch.  But, most of the time we find that most clients want features of multiple templates and multiple web sites.   There is no canned solution for every need and most often they require some if not, complete custom programming.  Our specialty is fully understand your requirements and then propose a solution encompassing all aspects of your company’s online needs.  Then, custom programming solutions that meet your unique needs.

White Buck Media strongly believes we need to be practicle and provide you valuable solutions at affordable prices.

How We do this? – We use our knowledge of technology and open source platforms to translate the client wants into the most complete solution possible.   This knowledge of every tool allows us to understand the strengths, benefits, limitations, and costs while keeping them at a minimum to meet your business needs.   Throough development of a well written, focused, long-term plan behind a website’s goals and direction, we minimize rework and thus provide the best solution value to our customers.

Content Management Systems – There are many content management systems on the market, both free and for commercial purchase.   To name a few; Word Press, Joomla, Druple, Mambo, CMS made Simple, etc….  While these are all viable options, they all have their benefits and limitations.  We can and have worked within many of these platforms to help our customers, but we prefer to use our own Content Management System.  You can learn more about our Content Management System here.

E-commerce – Core to most businesses on the internet is E-commerce.  There are several options here that include Cube Cart, Magento, Open Cart, osCommerce, phpShop, Zen Cart and hundreds of others.  We have the ability to work within any of these and custom program options that are not availble to meet the unique needs of our customers.  We can integrate credit card payment options, including Authorize.net, PayPal, Brand Specific Merchant providers, and more.  There is No Limit, if it can be programmed, we can do it!  You can learn more about our E-Commerce Solutions here.

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