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Content Management – At the core of every website we do for our clients is a Content Management System.  A Content Management System allows our clients to control their websites from anywhere they have a connection to the Internet.  Content Management is a broad term for dealing with and controlling display of data and content presented on a web page.  This often involves programming in many languages, communicating with a database and displaying data in a presentation or readable format for the end user. The most common usage is an Admin Panel that allows a website owner to add, edit, update, and manage content on their web site that is displayed to their users in a usable format.

There are many open source and custom solutions that are available today that can accomplish this task.  All of them have their own benefits and limitations and suit different purposes for different users.  In some cases they present various challenges to customize that may require a vast amount of time and resources to maintain and function.  As well as many popular options are susceptible to Mal-ware, Hacking, and Malicious Activity.

White Buck Media strongly believed we need something more practical and manageable to provide our customers the quickest and best solutions for their needs. We created our own Content Management System which is at the core of most of our web sites.  We license and customize this solution for our customers use on their web site, and they lover the ability to edit their site whenever they want.  This lowers overall maintenance costs and allows our customers control of their messages, the ability to have user management, add products for sale, documents for sharing, and just about anything imaginable.

Why a Custom Content Management System? – I guess you can say, we needed a challenge!  Let’s face it, as useful and valuable as the web is, we have fixed and repaired other Content Management Systems from Mal-ware, Hacking, and Malicious activity.  Many of the popular open source products face susceptibility from all these opportunities for vandalism.  Our custom solution, which is not open to the world, provides more security because we built it into our product.  We control it, and can update it against the latest threats as they become known.  We can integrate with Open-Source solutions, and have a large range of flexibility that offers use the ability to do more than other solutions easily provide.  We know it well, so we can fix it fast and update it quickly to make it as useful as possible for our customers.

What can it do? – What Can’t it do? The most popular use for our Content Management System is Website information and Data Management, Uploading and Downloading Files to share, Audio and Video display, Service Tickets, User Management, Social Networking, and Product and Sales Management.  This isn’t the limit, and we are not really sure what that might be, because we keep evolving the system to meet our clients requests.

Available in One-Time Purchase, Monthly, and Annual Subscriptions, Contact us today to learn more about how our Content Management System can help you with your needs.

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