Home School Registration

Home School Registration

Project Description

What the Client Needed.

With over 1.5 Million students home schooled every year, approximately 16% attend classes with teachers who share their knowledge.  One in particular was a church organization.  A partner web firm came to us to provide Project Management to recreate a web based registration and student management system for their client thru our White Label Development Program.

How it Works.

At the home page of the client, there is a registration feature where parents can register their students.

The Process
  • Parent upon registration, create a family, education and student profile.
  • Parents are presented with a document/paperwork center with forms they are required to complete.
  • Upon Acceptance to the program, the parent log is unlocked and the parents can now register.
  • Parents can then browse, search, review, and register students for classes.
  • Parents can review their student’s history.
  • Parents can view and print student schedules.
Behind the Scenes.

The system differentiates between the log in type of administrator (with full functional access) or a teacher member (with limited functional access), and parents (with student registration capability). Additionally the system allows for the following:

  • Set-up of staff members
  • Manage students, parents, teachers, and administrators
  • Set up class offerings and associated fees
  • Approve registrations
  • Assign students to classes
  • View students enrolled in system classes
  • Easily locate contact, allergy, emergency and collected data
  • Manage and View reports for program registration, class enrollment, accounting status, paperwork status, class and study hall rosters, and more…
Web Based Advantage.

This was a custom system built for the homeschooling organization. The beauty of having the system web based is that the homeschooling organization is not limited to running the system on one computer, nor did they need to purchase an expensive server to house the software on. It is completely web based, there is no need to install software. Any computer can access the system, at any time, as long as an internet connection is available. It can be accessed from ANYWHERE, even off site!

  • Services:

    • Content Management Systems
    • CSS
    • Graphic Design
    • HTML
    • MySQL
    • PHP
  • Client:

    White Label Development Services

  • Client Testimonial:

    It has indeed been a great pleasure working with you all. The professionalism, attention to detail, and the standard of excellence put forth by your team for us is amazing and such a comfort after what we went thru with our last provider. We will consider it an honor to recommend you to others. Thank You for the continued service to us. We strive to give honor to our Lord for all He has done and We know He provided you to come to our aid and allow us to launch this year with such a tremendous start! Thank You!