Commercial Service Ticket System

Commercial Service Ticket System

Project Description

What the Client Needed.

This client sold, leased, repaired and serviced commercial appliances.  As a growing business, they needed a system to manage all their services.   A partner web firm came to us to provide Project Management, Programming, and Lauch of a service management system for their client thru our White Label Development Program.

How it Works

At the home page of the client, there is a login feature where staff members can log into the system.  Once logged in, they have access to the system.

The Process.
  • Staff can manage, add, edit, delete, and review customer data.
  • Staff can manage, add, edit, delete, and review the different types of equipment offered for their customers.
  • When a customer calls, staff can manage, add, edit, delete, and review the call details and classify the type of repair into a service ticket.
  • Staff can manage, edit, update, and assign the service ticket to a technician.
  • Technicians can review, update and manage the service ticket, part orders, notes about a call.
  • Staff can review the service history for a product.
Behind the Scenes.

The system differentiates between the login type of administrator (with full functional access) or a staff member (with limited functional access).   Additionally, the system would allow for the following:

  • Setup staff members
  • Manage customers, equipment, service tickets, and service history.
  • Add, Edit, Delete, Review the status of customers, equipment, service tickets, and service history.
  • View a quick visualization of the status of service tickets.
  • Search customers, equipment, service tickets, and service history.
  • View customers, equipment, service tickets, and service history.  tied together in one location for quick access.
  • Easily manage and schedule future maintenance scheduling
  • Generate multiple reports using selected criteria.
Web Based Advantage.

This was a custom system built for the commercial appliance business.   The beauty of having the system web based is that the homeschooling organization is not limited to running the system on one computer, nor did they need to purchase an expensive server to house the software on. It is completely web based, there is no need to install software. Any computer can access the system, at any time, as long as an internet connection is available. It can be accessed from ANYWHERE, even off site!

  • Services:

    • Content Management Systems
    • CSS
    • HTML
    • Intranet
    • Javascript
    • MySQL
    • PHP
  • Client:

    White Label Development Services

  • Client Testimonial:

    Our Services Ticket System has benefited our daily operations in many ways.  It has streamlined our service input process and has allowed us to provide real-time information to all employees to be viewed from anywhere in the office and remotely.  We're able to track equipment service history information, which enables us to provide previous service information to the Service Technicians.  We're also able to provide our customer's with service history information immediately.  We went from one person writing down service requests on a form to completely automating the process.  Now, anyone who answers the phone can input a service request, therefore eliminating anything getting lost in a paper trail.  In result, we are now able to enter, track and respond to the customer all while they are still on the phone.